Matt realised bartending was as good a reason as any to avoid having a ‘proper’ job way back in 2001, when fresh produce wasn’t really ‘a thing’ and nobody really knew or cared what vermouth was. His early career saw him move between the events world and the emerging London bar scene, including setting up a couple of premium nightclub bars with Joe and a two-year stint at the multi-award winning Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar with Liam. He came home to HH&T in 2016, having freelanced for the company since its foundation, to deliver event, drinks development and consultancy projects to a rapidly growing client base. Now living in Devon, he project-manages Moët Hennessy’s trade advocacy platform Moët Hennessy Assemblage, ghost-writes the occasional cocktail book, and works across our entire client base leading strategy, education and R & D projects for both trade and consumer audiences.