The Studio is the creative hub of HH&T. We bring ideas to life by creating liquid, visual and experiential content that makes brands stand out from the crowd. The bar world is our world and with a diverse pool of talent that specialises in everything from liquid development to brand strategy, asset creation to venue consultancy, we help our clients to think big and create work that is impossible to ignore.


As bartenders we know the value of trade advocacy better than anyone, and since our foundation a consistent pillar of HH&T’s business has been the production of trade advocacy events. From organising international cocktail competitions to conceiving and managing entire trade engagement platforms; our expertise, passion and innate understanding of the market place has connected brands to the world’s best bartenders.


Drinks are our thing, and we are obsessive about them. Whether it’s signature serves that demand attention, cocktails to elevate specific consumer moments, or contemporary creativity that is guaranteed to turn heads; our experience and insight means we create solutions that are compelling, relevant and on-brief.


We recognise the creation of the right kind of assets as fundamental to a brands credibility, relevance and reach. Our studio team bring concepts to fruition with a lean set up, quick turnarounds times and boundless creativity to deliver slick, contemporary and usable visual content.


Through the production of unique and memorable gifting sets, we can connect a brand with consumer and trade audiences across the UK and globally.