Secret Cinema


 After several rounds of rigorous pitching in the Autumn of 2017, HH&T secured the contract to manage all bar operations for Secret Cinema. Our brief was to streamline complex operational challenges and optimise commercials, whilst retaining and communicating the core values of Secret Cinema’s unique brand.
After an extensive pre-production phase – where all recruitment, routes to market and procurement systems were re-energised –  Secret Cinema Presents: Blade Runner: The Final Cut. A Secret Live Experience (1982) opened in March 2018, serving over 67,000 guests over four months in a secret indoor location in East London.
 Our contract was extended to their summer show, Secret Cinema Presents: William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996), with over 65,000 guests (5,000 each night); requiring a staff of 44 bartenders, 18 bar backs and 6 bar managers to deliver the most talked about event of the year.
Secret Cinema’s dedication to detail is the foundation of its cultural and commercial success – where the high values of production, show and immersive experience must extend to the quality of it’s Food & Beverage offering. 

Throughout the year, HH&T provided a comprehensive staffing and management structure, effective and accountable operational systems, and meticulous financial reporting, which supported the safe and successful management of event production on a truly grand scale.

It has been our pleasure working with Secret Cinema as their bar partners over the last twelve months, and look forward to the future projects that lie ahead.



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