About Us

Heads, Hearts & Tails is a London based event management and drinks consultancy. Founded in 2012 ,we have established a vibrant portfolio of international clients that include iconic spirit and lifestyle brands, creative agencies, and a diverse group of industry leading bars and restaurants.

We possess unique personal insight and perspective of the entire hospitality sector, our passion derived from a collective experience of over 60 years spent working in acclaimed, multi-award winning bars and restaurants; and as large scale event operators.

We strive to reflect the world around us in our work; with nature, food and drink, art and design influencing our creative and practical decisions. This allows us to move with ease across all areas of the industry: environment and scope present no barriers. We are just as comfortable supporting complex event delivery as we are developing signature cocktail recipes in our test kitchen. From one day events to festivals, creative conception to execution; HH&T combine inspired drinks, future proof creative and comprehensive logistical planning, giving you the peace of mind to know that no detail is ever too small, and nothing is left to chance.

Our Clients

Joe Stokoe • Director & Founder

Joe is an internationally recognised and award winning bartender of over 20 years experience, with the quest for a tasty drink taking him to cities the world over, including ....

Charles Montanaro • Operations Controller

Charles oversees HH&T’s logistic and commercial operations. His 10 year career started in Leeds, working in high volume cocktail bars whilst studying for a business

Liam Cotter Senior Account Manager

Senior Account manager Liam has charmed guests and over-thought cocktail recipes in some of London’s finer establishments since 2006. Before joining Joe at HH&T in 2014, Liam headed up the

Matthew Robertson • Senior Account Manager

Matt realised bartending was as good a reason as any to avoid having a proper job back 2001, starting out slinging 2-4-1 Mojitos and Woo-Woos in a bar that is now a betting

Emily Blacklock • Administrative Co-ordinator

Emily graduated from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Events Management, hoping to turn her passion for events into a career. Joining HH&T initially to deliver

Sebastian Davis • Events Manager

Seb’s career in hospitality began in 2011, when he took a part-time job as a bar-back at the world renowned Portobello Star; quickly graduating to full-time bartender


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